TWISP Notes #56

September 16, 2013

• The American League opened their July 26th lineup of games with an evening  battle at Tiger Stadium, where Orioles ace Scott McGregor improved to 15-4 as the O’s coasted to a 5-1 win over the Tigers. Outfielder Pat Kelly led the Baltimore offense with a double and home run, good for three RBI, and Eddie Murray rapped three singles to help make a loser of Dave Rozema (12-5), who’d had a spectacular July before tonight’s game, going 3-0 with three shutouts. O’s reliever Earl Stephenson, whose last major league game came on July 26th of the actual 1978 season, pitched 1/3 of an inning to bail McGregor out of a jam and earn his third save on the year.

• Detroit outfielder Dave Stegman made his major league debut in the O’s-Tigers game, appearing as a pinch-hitter for Detroit in the ninth inning and connecting for a single in his first major league at-bat. Stegman was called up from the Evansville Triplets after pitcher Dave Tobik was sent down by the parent club.

• The first-card Z-play chart has been updated, beginning with the AL slate of games for the 26th: first-card rainout possibilities have been reduced from four to two, and two rain delay options have been added; if a delay lasts more than 28 minutes, both starting pitchers’ PB numbers will decrease by one. For six-sided dice rolls, three rainout situations have now been combined with three obscure weather condition options, while the six pre-game injury choices have remained the same.

• Cubs catcher Dave Rader was injured in a collision with third baseman Steve Ontiveros in the July 26th game between Chicago and Los Angeles at Dodger Stadium. The Cubs will more than likely put Rader on the disabled list on the 27th, and with catchers Tim Blackwell and Mike Gordon available at their AAA franchise in Iowa, the question now is, who will be called up to serve as backup to Larry Cox? Manager Herman Franks will make a decision soon.

Fans! Watch ‘Baseball Night’ on C-SPAN
as Ron Guidry and the Yanks tangle with the
Indians and surprise 14-game winner Rick Waits!

4 responses to “TWISP Notes #56

  1. Commish: Your descriptions have me wishing I’d asked for SP Replay for Christmas instead of that silly whatever-it-was present I so desperately needed at that age!

    • Just think if you had received a Statis Pro game for Christmas…we’d be discussing and comparing our individual seasons every day at work, instead of actually having to work! But noooo, you insisted on the Easy-Bake Oven and the Twist & Turn Skipper, spoiling whatever intelligent conversations we’d hoped to have 35 years later!

  2. I hope the Cubs have insured themselves against any damages Ontiveros might inflict on himself or others. That guy’s a one man Cub-wrecking crew!

    • Good lord, don’t I know it! Two long stints on the disabled list, numerous collisions with teammates on and off the field…I want to play the guy, but most of the time I’m scared to put him in the lineup! Rader’s collision with him was a prime example: the Z-play called for me to draw a new random number, and either Rader would be injured, Ontiveros would be injured, or both would be injured. I was a nervous wreck by the time I drew the deciding Fast-Action card! I know Dave won’t like hearing this, but thankfully Steve-O was spared!

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