Cat on Board

Mango on the SP78 Game Board - 8-22-13 final

First rats, and now cats? Again, there’s no reason to panic: it’s just Mango, my wonderful and goofy calico cat, traipsing across the game board as if she owned it, knocking Fast-Action cards and player pawns around like it was nobody’s business.

In the years since Julie and I first brought her home from the humane society, there were many times where Mango would jump up onto the table where an SP78 game was set up or in-progress, and either delicately walk across the playing field because she felt the need to, or knock the pawns around as if they were little plastic mice. Then, just as quickly, she’d hop back down and be on her way, her mission of disrupting the game for a few moments complete.

I could never figure out whether she did this for attention or just to be a part of whatever it was I was doing, but the photo above, taken the morning of August 22, 2013 while I was setting up for the SP78 website one-year anniversary game, would be the last time she’d scamper across a Statis Pro field. Sadly, a combination of her 17 years of age, chronic kidney disease, and probable brain cancer made it necessary for her to be put to sleep this past Thursday, and to say that I miss her terribly already would be a supreme understatement. Whenever I’d sit down to play, she’d be asleep at my feet waiting for me to finish, and the thought of playing games now without her there is a very sad one indeed.

However, I have plenty of great memories and thoughts to remember her by, and a good supply of photographs to enjoy whenever I need them…including one that you’ll see pop up every now and then as this site’s header photo. Thanks for a fun 17 years, Mango!

Mango on Her 17th Birthday - 4-25-13 final fix

4 responses to “Cat on Board

  1. Thanks Todd for sharing your memories! I’m sniffling like a 5 year old after reading your entry. For most of us, our pets are our children, our best friends that love unconditionally. 17 years is a long time for ANY relationship!

    Take heart in knowing we all feel your loss. And thanks for being such an animal lover! And a wonderful story teller!

    • And thank YOU Deb, for your kind words and for caring, and for taking the time to look at and enjoy Mango’s photos yesterday. It was a big help to me, and I’ll be forever grateful for all you’ve done…which of course includes the comment above!

  2. Poor kitty, sorry for your loss and I feel your pain Todd.

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