TWISP Notes #54

September 2, 2013

• With no SP78 games played this past weekend, tune-in next weekend for the Cardinals-Giants ‘Ladies Day’ match-up from Candlestick Park, which will wrap up the slate of NL games for July 26th.

• Along with a number of players from both leagues coming off the disabled list on the 26th, a few returned from non-DL injured status as well. Angels outfielder Lyman Bostock returned to the team after spending eight games out with an injury, and LA slugger Reggie Smith came back after nine games away, after sustaining an injured shoulder when he ran into the right field wall chasing a fly ball during a Dodgers-Cubs contest on July 17th at Wrigley Field.

• During the actual 1978 season, Orioles pitcher Earl Stephenson made his last major league appearance on July 26th; for the SP78 season, Stephenson will  be the first reliever into the O’s-Tigers game on July 26th if the situation calls for one, to commemorate that final appearance. Stephenson will then remain on the Baltimore roster for the rest of the SP78 season. Unless, of course, his stats suddenly go south.

• Cardinals manager Ken Boyer will start Lou Brock in left field for this weekend’s game against the Giants. Brock is currently batting .262 with seven stolen bases over 42 games played this season.

11 responses to “TWISP Notes #54

  1. R.Smith has a ten HR lead in the NL, but now, with the tender shoulder, I don’t think he takes the title for the season. Look for a monster August from the Reds’ G.Foster to overtake R.Smith and to win the crown with 43 HRs. Ken Boyer . . .hmmmph!. . . not even the best player in his own family.

    • But look out for dark horse Dave Kingman, slowly working his way up the ladder! I really need to get those June 30th league leaders updated to July 15th. Another lengthy project, coming soon from your friends at SP78 Central.

      And which Boyer do you consider the best in the family? Clete? Charles? Chef Dee? If you had caught me back at Cardinal games #18 and #19, you could’ve ‘hmmmped’ interim manager Jack Krol!

      • Good lord! I just read my comment again and realized I’d left the ‘h’ out of ‘hmmmphed’, when I tried to mimic what you’d written in your comment. My leaving the ‘h’ out changes the dynamic entirely…and as far as Jack Krol is concerned, not necessarily for the better.

  2. I agree, Jack Krol would not want me mmmphed him at all! Oh, you meant the other “h”? I noticed that this morning, but thought it was intentional.

  3. That’s a damn fine-looking kitty in the upper right hand corner of the header photo.

  4. I’m sorry to change the subject on you. I don’t want to take focus away from Steve potentially humping a National League manager.

  5. Seeing how Mr. Krol died in 1994, I think I may have missed my opportunity with that generation of Krol’s.

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