TWISP Notes #53

August 26, 2013

• The Expos made it two in a row over the slumping Astros yesterday with a 5-1 win at the Astrodome, with Steve Rogers earning his 10th victory and Gary Carter slugging his 9th HR of the season.

• The Padres topped the Pirates 7-5 in a rare mid-week game on August 22nd, a game which helped celebrate the 1-year anniversary of the SP78 blog site; the contest also marked the 184th played at site ‘AZ8′ in Peoria, Arizona, establishing a new record for games hosted by a single location.

• Also with the anniversary came two changes to the SP78 site. First, header photos are now in a ‘slide show’ rotation, so with every change of page or a return to the site, you’ll see a different photo in the header for that page; currently 68 photos exist in the queue, with more to be added when they become available. And with that change, the ‘What’s the Header Photo?’ widget has been removed. Second, the dropdown link for the listing of ‘Replay Record of the Week’ entries has been removed as well; however, the actual ‘Replay’ record artwork will still be displayed each week at the bottom of the main page.

• The White Sox placed pitcher Rich Wortham on the 45-day disabled list, after he’d developed an inflamed tricep on his pitching arm during a game against the Brewers on July 25th; the club called up pitcher Steve Trout from the Iowa Oaks of the American Association to replace him.

• Two other teams also made roster moves, as the Mariners activated infielder Larry Milbourne from the 30-day disabled list, and sent pitcher Jim Colborn to the San Jose Missions of the PCL; in the National League, the Astros activated catcher Bruce Bochy, also from the 30-day DL, and sent pitcher Floyd Bannister to the AAA Charleston Charlies.

• After months of work, statistics for the month of April have nearly completed re-calculation, and will soon be integrated into May, June, and July stats to create a more accurate representation of SP78 season numbers. Dozens upon dozens of mistakes have been rectified in the process, an undertaking deemed necessary by the fact that proper statkeeping during the early years of SP78 was somewhat primitive, and now required a second look. Of the 275 game scoresheets that exist for April, only 18 remain to be re-checked.

• Special thanks go out to SP78 enthusiast Steve P for tracking down two SP78-related faxes I’d sent to him in 1997, previously considered lost, that will soon be added to the others in the ‘Mailbag’ section of the site.

Fans! It’s Ladies Day at Candlestick Park this Sunday!
Catch all the action on KSFO 560 AM!

6 responses to “TWISP Notes #53

  1. This is great! I love the format . . . welcome back TWISP! I’m on my way to Candlestick so that I’m among the early fans to receive a complimentary lady!

    • Cool! Glad you like it…especially since you were the reason the original series was created in the first place! I just hope I have enough crap to talk about every Monday to warrant a weekly post! And remember, with your complimentary lady comes some very important responsibilities. Accept with caution.

  2. I notice a couple of dice on your tabletop. In what situations do you use ’em?

    • A while back I created my own rainout and injury charts for my season, using a system that required an eight-sided die and a regular six-sided one (to me, the results that came with the game weren’t varied and complex enough). I always have the dice on the table when I play, in case such situations come up!

      Otherwise, I strictly use the ‘Fast Action’ cards when I play. Thanks for checking the site out, and nice work with the eagle eye!

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