AZ8 Becomes New Games-Hosted Leader

With the playing of SP78 Game #1312 between the Pirates and Padres on August 22nd, site ‘AZ8’ in Peoria, Arizona became the all-time leader in Statis Pro games hosted, with 184, besting the old mark of 183 established by ‘ESC11’ in Escondido, California in 2003.

Game #1312 - 184th at AZ8

While it took just five years for ‘ESC11’ to host 183 games, ‘AZ8’ took its time garnering its record-breaking number, taking a full ten years to achieve its total, thanks to some lean years of game-playing from 2006 to 2011. After three years of double-digit games played from 2003-2005, the ensuing six years saw no more than eight contests played in a single year (with a low of three in 2010), until the banner year of 2012 when the season got back on track, and 55 games took place.

Game #1312 Scoresheet

With the goal of 184 games now accomplished, SP78 Replay now will set its sights on a new number: 200 games played at a single site, which of course would also be a first for the SP78 season. At the current rate of play—about one game per week—this milestone should be reached by the second weekend of December. “It’s a thrill to be here for the record-setting event,” said the SP78 commissioner during seventh-inning stretch of the historical game. “I couldn’t have done it without me.”

8 responses to “AZ8 Becomes New Games-Hosted Leader

  1. I tried to get tickets to this event but it was sold out months in advance.

    • You should’ve talked to league offices…I’m sure they would’ve let you sit in the commissioner’s box, as his guest. I mean, you have played 32 SP78 games over the course of the season, including a game on Opening Day. At least someone could’ve sold you a standing-room-only ticket, for chrissake!

  2. Let’s be honest with ourselves – none of this would have been possible without you. I had not realized that 2010 was such a sparse year. Giving up the hard stuff must’ve been the key that put you back on course. How many games is 2013 on pace to host?

    • If by ‘hard stuff’ you mean ‘departure of girlfriend’, and by ‘back on course’ you mean ‘return to clear thinking’, then yes, that was the key. And at the current rate of one game per week played, I should finish 2013 with 53 games in the books. But I’m sure there will be a few extra games played in the next four months that should boost that total a bit.

  3. Congratulations “Comish”! Still laughing! Oh, and on a side note: I just watched The Benchwarmers.

    • I don’t know who you are, ‘Onuluckiegirl’, but I think you’re writing from Hawaii…thank you for the warm wishes! The Benchwarmers is part of my baseball movie collection, but I haven’t seen it yet, so when I see you at work let me know if it was worth watching!

  4. LOL. How long have you lived there now? Time is going by way too fast!

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