SP78 Newsletter Set for Return on Monday

Hey, look what’s coming back! After an eight-year hiatus, This Week in Statis Pro Notes will make its triumphant return this Monday, this time in digital form, as a weekly post here at the SP78 blog. At the beginning of each week (hopefully) you’ll find a new edition of TWISP Notes right here on the main page, made up of short entries related to everything currently happening in the SP78 Replay universe, including highlights and news from games played that week, previews of upcoming games and events, information on site progress, details on archives and statistic pages that have been updated, and anything else worthy of mention from my SP78 season.

When I’d made the decision to resurrect TWISP Notes a short while ago, I wasn’t sure how I was going to classify each weekly edition: with a number, a date, or nothing at all. Including a release date seemed redundant, because each post would automatically include that day’s date anyway. Leaving it blank would just give each post the exact same title, while labeling the re-launch issue #1 didn’t seem right either, because the prior incarnation of TWISP ran for 52 issues. And though it might’ve made sense for continuity’s sake, I couldn’t exactly start this new series of Notes with #53 after a year’s time, right? I mean, there already existed 52 archived issues of TWISP, and with the blog having launched 52 weeks ago…wait a minute.

So, with that revelation, on Monday the 26th I’ll be posting the first of what I hope will be many issues of TWISP Notes…beginning with Issue #53.

2 responses to “SP78 Newsletter Set for Return on Monday

  1. Congratulations! And welcome TWISP Notes !!!

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