Mazzilli, Cerone Placed on Disabled List

Outfielder Lee Mazzilli of the Mets and catcher Rick Cerone of the Blue Jays were both placed on the 15-day disabled list by their respective clubs today, after sustaining injuries during their games of July 22nd.

For Mazzilli, it’s the third time this season he’ll miss games due to injury; in yesterday’s Mets-Braves meeting at Shea Stadium, Mazzilli was knocked out of action when, after hitting two home runs in three at-bats earlier in the game, he crashed into the center field wall while chasing a fly ball off the bat of Braves leadoff batter Jerry Royster, which resulted in a triple for Royster and a prone outfielder for the Mets; a shaken Mazzilli was tended to and helped off the field, with what would later be diagnosed as a mild concussion.

For Cerone, his injury was less dramatic but no less severe; with the A’s batting in the third inning against Jerry Garvin and the Jays yesterday at Exhibition Stadium, a foul off the bat of first baseman Dave Revering struck Cerone in the foot, resulting in a fracture of the big toe that may require surgery. Cerone immediately left the game and was replaced by Alan Ashby, normally the team’s starting backstop.

With players out of commission for two weeks, both teams made moves to replace them during the interim; the Mets called up outfielder Dan Norman from their AAA affiliate at Tidewater, while the Blue Jays summoned catcher Ernie Whitt from Syracuse.

2 responses to “Mazzilli, Cerone Placed on Disabled List

  1. Let the Ernie Whitt era begin!
    Also, in SOC, I couldn’t trust Mazzilli to stay away from the walls, so he was mostly relegated to pinch hitting duties (with which he did quite well).

  2. Mazzilli is tearing up the NL this year–as well as his skeletal structure–so I can’t dump him into a pinch-hitting role just yet. We’ll see how he does when he returns in two weeks…I mean, 17 months.

    And I checked his prior two injuries this year, and both came while diving for fly balls. Of course, that could also mean he dove head-first into an outfield wall while trying to catch those fly balls.

    You probably already checked this, but the Ernie Whitt era will begin in SP78 with stats that show 2 games played during the actual 1978 season! His Statis Pro card is comical: no chances for hits of any kind, a walk range of 11-28, a strikeout range of 31-53, and all outs after that. I’ll play him a few times and see how he does with that kind of debilitating card!

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