Kison, Altobelli Suspended For Comments Made Towards Umps

Pitcher Bruce Kison of the Pirates and manager Joe Altobelli of the Giants were both suspended one game each today by the National League office, for what NL president Chub Feeney classified as ‘conduct detrimental to the game of baseball’.

Specifically, the two were cited for their brash comments made towards the umpiring crew in the July 22nd game at Candlestick Park; Kison had been ejected in the third inning by Harry Wendelstedt for apparently wetting down the ball between pitches, and voiced his opinion on the matter as he left the field, while Altobelli was punished for his post-game tirade directed at Wendelstedt and third-base umpire Ed Montague, when a controversial last-out call went in the Pirates favor in a 1-0 Pittsburgh win.

Altobelli will serve his suspension on the 25th, when the Giants face the Cardinals at Candlestick after a scheduled day off tomorrow; Kison’s sentence will also be fulfilled on the 25th, in the first of a 3-game series at San Diego against the front-running Padres. Altobelli had no comment in regard to his suspension, but Kison was not so tight-lipped when it came to his punishment.

“We had a game today and I didn’t pitch, for chrissake!” he told a reporter for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “Why are these idiots suspending me a second game?”

After news of this most recent statement was released, Kison was immediately fined $10,000 by the NL office.

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