Rat On Board

Don’t worry, my game isn’t being invaded by plague-carrying vermin…it’s just Hazel, the very cool and very clean pet rat my girlfriend Julie and I owned for about a year in the early ’90s.

Hazel was very good about just hanging out when she was out of her cage, and every now and then I’d allow her to exercise and explore on the table while I was playing an SP78 game; this particular moment was worthy of the above photo, and was taken July 18, 1993 after the first game of a June 3rd doubleheader between the Cardinals and Astros.

Sadly, Hazel eventually developed an egg-shaped tumor under her hind legs in late-1994, and per the recommendation of our vet, we decided it was best if we let him put her to sleep. Besides not having her around anymore while I played Statis Pro, and watching her race across the game board every couple of innings, I missed the opportunities she presented for such delightful photographs as the one below.

Look out!  Statis Pro rat!  Auggh!


4 responses to “Rat On Board

  1. If I’m not mistaken, Hazel was the Royals’ manager in 1978, correct?

  2. Correct! And in case you didn’t know, the Royals made the playoffs for the first time under the tutelage of the diminutive, creamy-white rodent manager…

  3. Too funny. Mr. Prether hasn’t changed a bit. Thanks for the memories of “Hazel”!!!

  4. And good memories they are. I can’t believe it’s been nearly twenty years since our little darling scampered across our table, game board, and shoulders.

    And I am talking about Hazel, by the way…

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