Twins Complete ‘Sweep’ with Victory over Orioles

The Twins wanted to complete the sweep of the Friday night ‘doubleheader’ at Metropolitan Stadium—the 1962 version of the team had already beaten the 1959 Baltimore squad 10-2 in a pre-game exhibition matchup—and hoped they possessed the same run-scoring punch their counterparts had. Rod Carew and Butch Wynegar made sure they did, delivering clutch RBI extra-base hits late in the game to lead the Twins to a 6-3 win over the Orioles.

See a complete summary of the game here.

5 responses to “Twins Complete ‘Sweep’ with Victory over Orioles

  1. Little known fact – the 1978 Twins had six players with the same last names as U.S. Presidents (it’ll be 7 after Butch Wynegar III gets elected). The 1962 squad had none (unless the guy in office now is really Barack Oliva).

  2. Good lord, off the top of my head just now, I couldn’t come up with any. Morales? Cubbage? Wait, I just thought of one: Adams, the DH. Ah, and Ford! And that’s it…now I’m going to have to go look. Thanks for making me look dumb on my own blog site!

  3. Okay, I got it! If you’re counting both Tom and Dave Johnson separately, then it’s Johnson, Johnson, Adams, Ford, Jackson, and Harrison.

    If you’re counting both Johnsons as one, then it’s Johnson, Adams, Ford, Jackson, Harrison, and Thormodsgard.

  4. If I had 2 Johnsons, I’d count them both, I suppose.

  5. Ha! Counts as two jokes!

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