Major League Baseball

4 responses to “Major League Baseball

  1. Glad I read the insert about the header photo. I thought you bought a new table! I like it though. It has a lighter (as in not so dark) look to the page. No fear of a rain delay.

  2. I didn’t know you could comment on a LOGO! Anyway, that first header photo was a scan off a photograph; the new one is an actual digital photo, the look of which I like much better. I’ll be using digital photos in my header from this point on…at least, until I figure out how to make scanned ones look better (I will put them in my Photo Gallery, though).

  3. Hey, cool – is this the secret comment area where we get to scrutinize the commissioner’s furniture choices? I’m in! (Of course I used to own some of his furniture at one time or another, so perhaps I should tread lightly).

    • No problem, and tread heavily if you so desire! I only discovered this area when Deb commented here, and it took me forever to figure out where she’d commented! If memory serves correct, the table she was referring to was actually yours, from a header photo featuring the SP78 20th Anniversary game held at your condo back in 2000.

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