Commissioner’s Opening Day Message

Greetings SP78 Fans!

Welcome to my new site, and thanks for stopping by to take a look!  I’ve been replaying the 1978 baseball season since August 22, 1980, using Avalon Hill’s now-extinct Statis Pro Baseball  board game, and I thought it would be fun to share my game results, stories, and photos with family, friends, and anyone else out there who might be interested, or extremely bored out of their minds.

I currently plan on playing at least one game per weekend, and to add new and updated information and articles on SP78 on a weekly basis, if not a daily one; as of right now I have six columns I plan on writing articles for, and a page of highlights, stats, and game info will be available after every game is played, and for all past games (eventually).  I’ve played over 1,200 games thus far, with another 1,000 to go before the season ends, so there should be plenty of material for me to pick and choose from.

I was hoping to include team and player statistics, boxscores, and other game-related information, but I’m discovering the limitations of a simple blog site (including page and text layouts), so bear with me as I hopefully discover ways to fix these roadblocks, and learn a little code in the process.  I found a possible solution in the Custom Design upgrade, that for starters will help with my font problems, but at $30 a year, I’ll have to first see what else it can do to help the site.

I’m going to leave this page untouched for a week, to give everyone a chance to read this introduction and check out these initial articles (which are related to games played on August 22nd of various years); on September 1st, I’ll begin adding new content, and this box will be used to display information for the next game I’ll be playing.  There are still quite a few empty sections of the site, but that’s only because I wanted to get it launched by the 22nd; I’ll be filling up those spots over time, whenever I’m able, so keep your eyes peeled.  And please, keep coming back!  I beg of you!


12 responses to “Commissioner’s Opening Day Message

  1. Great start, man! You’ve done a lot in a short time (on the site I mean). Looking forward to more!

    • Thank you, former Statis Pro 1986 Commissioner! And trust me, there will be plenty more to see here, including some incriminating photos of you losing your first-ever SP78 game, after your 6-0 start in games where you managed against me…

  2. Awesome! Now there will be a chronicle of my brilliant managerial skills in the handful of games I was involved in! I’ll have you know that, unlike you, I’ve played and finished several seasons of the Avalon Hill board game Wizard’s Quest purchased a few years after. Although, when you lose a game in that league it usually meant a player getting eaten by a dragon. Hence the shortened season and the reluctance of most minor league players willing to be called up to the show.

  3. I believe the Orcs won the All-Star Game last year, didn’t they?

  4. Loved your review of JAWS…..hey, wait, where am I? What’s your rating system here? I see 8, 10’s, 74’s…so many numbers! All seriousness aside – Great job! That Baltimore picture should be on a postcard. It looks like a baseball fan rendering of Heaven. Love the sponsors too. Creative website. Looks sleek and easy on the eyes. Will always remember the Caminito Cuervo Yards Game of 2012. Damn Yankees! ****1/2

    • Thanks, Rookie Statis Pro Player! Yes, the big Caminito Cuervo Yards game was an instant classic…read about it here on this site soon! And I’m dying to know…what did I do wrong that cost the site a half star?

  5. That’s the rating for the movie Damn Yankees. That’s what I get for putting a movie joke on a sports website. The website is AAA 5 Diamond. (Keeping with the baseball theme)

  6. And here I thought ‘Damn Yankees’ was in reference to the fact that my Yankees team demolished your Twins team 8-6 when I was out there last May! And your movie jokes work here as long as the movies are sports-related; otherwise, go peddle your humor at the The Derby Killer website…

  7. He has been banned at The Derby Killer. Time to start his own blog: Banned Yankees.

  8. That’s interesting…he’s was banned from the Hello Kitty website, too.

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